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Now that CMC has become an approved organisation (AO) for CVS registrations, club members require stamps and signatures from the CMC, not ACMC NSW LTD any longer. 

You should fill in sections 1 and 2 of the Classic Vehicle Declaration (Transport NSW No. 1835).

Please do not fill in or sign section 3 of that form.

This is for the CMC to fill in and sign as we are your approved organisation and the authorised person. The primary club, i.e. your club, should simply stamp the lower right hand box to signify that you are a bona fide member of your club, and your vehicle is acceptable to your club.

Without that stamp, we will not process the application.  The stamp should be legible for all to read, as Transport NSW is very strict on such things.

Please do not send us the original of the AUVIS or Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Report (blue slip).  A photocopy is sufficient for our records. This avoids the relatively expensive document going astray in the mail. 

All we need is the Classic Vehicle Declaration (No. 1835), a copy of the blue slip and the payment.

The fee is $25.00 for the processing, and, included in that is a domestic letter with tracking envelope for return to you.  This then gives us a way to find documents should they go astray. We will no longer be providing express post envelopes as they are expensive, and there isn’t a guarantee of the speed of that service anymore. 

You can pay the $25.00 fee by cheque or money order made payable to CMC CVS, or you can EFT the funds to


BSB 633 000

Account 186322772

Please identify the payment in the reference field with a surname and initials. 

The postal address is PO Box 174 Bexley NSW 2207


When you attend Service NSW, you must insist on them looking at the CLASSIC Vehicle Scheme.  If they incorrectly look at the Historic Vehicle Scheme, they will confuse matters. 

The number plates you should receive, will have five numbers and the letter E on the end.  They will be white plates with green numbers and the letter E, and across the bottom will be NSW-Conditional.

Please do not accept plates with J on the end, as they are for Historic registration (HVS) which is for stock standard vehicles. Motorcycles will receive smaller plates with four numbers and a letter. 

Once you have your plates, please advise us of the numbers and letter with your name, as we must record these on our register. As we don’t have access to Transport NSW records, we rely on you providing this information to us.  Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or text to 0409 992 971.



Terry Thompson OAM

President CMC

0409 992 971