CVS Conditional registration plates have the following characteristics:

When Terry Thompson OAM, as President - CMC NSW, asked RMS for clarification on the styles of conditional plates and especially T and U, this is the response.

  • They have GREEN characters on a WHITE background
  • Motorcycles and 'quad bike' type all-terrain vehicles have GREEN characters with FOUR numbers and ONE letter (1234-C or 1234-M or 1234-N).
  • Other vehicles FIVE numbers and ONE letter (12345-C or 12345-D).
  • Note:  If requested a small plate may be issued to TRACTORS.
  • The smaller plate has FOUR numbers and the letter 'T' (1234-T or 1234-U).
  • There are two plates in a set, except for trailers, motorcycles and 'quad bike' type all-terrain vehicles. 
  • They have the slogan 'NSW - CONDITIONAL'.
  • They cannot be reserved, remade, restyled, transferred or exchanged with plates on another vehicle.
  • Special number plates cannot be issued under the Conditional Registration Scheme.