From 1970 to 1980 

CVVTMC Annual Concours D'Elegance

Awarded to the Best Club Team



Year Location Club Car Entrant
1970 Warwick Farm Rolls Royce Owners Club    
1971 Warwick Farm Rolls Royce Owners Club    
1972 Warwick Farm Vetran & Vintage Chevrolet Auto Association
1973 Warwick Farm South Coast Vintage Car Club A Ford T. Wiggins
1974 Warwick Farm Vetran Car Club 1903 De Dion Bouton J. Thomson
1975 Warwick Farm Veteran Car Club 1909 Renault G. Williams
1976 Warwick Farm Buick Car Club 1926 Tourer D. McCredie
1977 Warwick Farm Buick Car Club 1929 Phaeton RJ Bates
1978 Warwick Farm Buick Car Club 1929 Tourer K. Bennett
1979 Warwick Farm Not awarded    
1980 Canterbury Park   1937 Packard K.Gilbert


1981 - 2001 Retired

Recommissioned in 2002 by CMC

Awarded to the club with the most vehicles attending the Presidents Run

2002 Mecedes Benz Club
2003 Volvo Car Club
2004 Model A Ford Club
2005 Rover Owners Club
2006 Vintage Sports Car Club


From 2007

Awarded to a vehicle club making a significant contribution to

National Motoring Heritage Day

2007 Humber Car Club
2008 British & European Automobile Club Southern Highlands
2009 Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club
2010 Maquarie Towns Motocycle Restoration & Preservation Club
2011 MG Car Club
2012 British & European Auto Club
2013 Morgan Owners Club
2014 Alfa Romeo Club
2015 Jowett Club
2016 Central Coast Historic Car Club
2017 Early Falcon Car Club
2018  Central Coast Historic Car Club
2019  Magic Metal Motoring Club