2020 Shannons Sydney Classic - Sydney Motorsport Park - Cancelled

The Committee of the CMC has decided to cancel the Shannons Sydney Classic event for 2020.

We tried all avenues including looking for available dates later this year but all came to nought.

Even when the so called NSW Stage 3 relaxation comes in around September they talk about a maximum of 100 people gathering.

That is about 4,900 short of the crowd we had there in 2019.

And with close to 2,000 vehicles being driven to the SMSP that is a crowd of at least 2,000 alone. Even if we specified “driver only” rules.

And that would not be a popular idea with our family orientated membership.

How we could practice distancing rules when everyone is wandering about looking at the great cars and displays is a big question as well.

Let alone the 50 garages with the trade and club displays. A lot of close contacts would happen as folks would not be concentrating on who is around them.

Very sad that this is the first cancellation in the 56 year history of the event.

It started at Warwick Farm in 1964 when the five clubs which started the CVV&TMC back then got together for a car show at that famous horse and car racing track.

We now have our 200th club applying so it has grown considerably since then.

From our annual returns the count of individuals in those clubs numbers over 32,900.

We hope that we can continue our long association with Shannons when 2021 rolls around and we can all get out from under this Covid Cloud.

Terry Thompson  OAM

Chairman – ACMC NSW Ltd

President – Council of Motor Clubs Inc


Full details are being worked out to hold over preordered tickets for 2021, or other arrangements that may suit some clubs.

All options will be circulated shortly to clubs. Please be patient as we work out the details.

This page is updated with new information as it becomes available. Check back for updates.

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Saturday 15th August - Morgan Supersprint.      Cancelled    

  • Please note:                                                                                   
  • We are NOT planning a virtual Concours.  
  • Here you will find the Criteria for Anniversaries more details here...                        
  • Anniversaries will still be recognised in the Preserve so send your articles in.
  • We are working on exciting ways we can still be involved, and make a special event happen virtually.


Medallions for 2020 Shannons Sydney Classic

Will be available for Clubs with pre-orded tickets.

Details on distribution are listed below.


To all CMC Clubs,

Due to the current conditions surrounding COVID-19, the CMC Committee was left with no option but to cancel Shannons Sydney Classic (SSC) 2020. 

With the cancellation, Clubs that have applied for SSC 2020 will have their current Applications automatically transferred over to SSC 2021, without the need to apply with a SSC 2021 Application Form, and your preferred Area will be saved for you.

For Clubs that request a refund and wish to attend SSC 2021, they would need to apply with a SSC 2021 Application Form issued after the March General Meeting 2021, with no guarantee that their favourite Area and location would still be available. 

Clubs that request a refund must forward their request by e-mail to the Treasurer no later than the 14thAugust 2020: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As you can appreciate, planning for SSC, which is a major event, requires a number of tasks and one of those tasks was the ordering of the Medallions for 2020, which was carried out prior to COVID-19 and has subsequently been delivered.

The CMC Committee has decided those Clubs that have accepted the automatic transfer of their SSC 2020 Application being transferred to SSC 2021 will receive a complimentary SSC 2020 Collectible Medallion for each purchased ticket.

After the issue of the complimentary Medallions; those clubs that have requested a refund, have not yet booked, or for any Club or individual Club member, Medallions will be available to purchase at a cost of $5 each.

Details of the distribution of Medallions and the availability of excess Medallions will be published in the upcoming copies of the Preserve.

Lester H Gough

CMC Membership Secretary