2018 Shannons Sydney Classic - Sydney Motorsport Park

  • 12th  August 2018  
  • 11th August - Morgan Supersprint.            
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  • Prizewinners in this year's Prostate Cancer Raffle (see below)
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  • Layout map for area D & E click here>>>
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  • Full registered, HVS and CVS vehicles and Motorcycles are all encouraged to enter the Concours.
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Medallions for 2018 Shannons Sydney Classic

are only available for collection in the CMC garage No.50 on presentation of the slip in your Show Bag.


1) Our insurance cover for the event is via a CAMS Show and Shine style permit and the regulations applicable to such a permit must be complied with at all times.
2) All vehicles moving about in the display areas and taking part in track tours must be road registered in some way. (Full rego, HVS or CVS) and must have comprehensive insurance cover. Exceptions may be made for special displays or demonstration runs but such exemptions must be organized in advance with the CMC Committee and the CAMS Approved Event Captain.
3) All vehicle track tours will be led for the entire tour by a CMC Safety or Course car which shall control the pace of the tours. Nominally that will not exceed 80 KPH at any time.
4) No vehicle may overtake any other vehicle when on track. The exceptions will be the buses from the Bus Museum and any vehicle which is having problems and signals you to overtake it.
5) These tours of the track are for all entrants to enjoy their vehicles on track with their fellow club members and other enthusiasts. No untoward activity such as hanging back to get a fast run or burnouts and the like will be tolerated. Removal from the track tour and possible expulsion from the event may be the consequence of disobeying these rules. Penalties may be applied to any club whose members cause such disruption.
6) Each club is allocated a time for their group tour to commence. We normally operate on time at this event therefore it is the club’s responsibility to be in the assembly (also known as the pre or dummy grid) area just prior to the scheduled time. No late inclusions will be allowed if vehicles arrive late as the next group will be already in place for their tour. Area D behind the grandstand and Area E in the southern pit area will have different grid up positions at the gates onto the track, however the starting times for the tours will be kept on schedule wherever possible.

Prize winners list for 2018:

1stPrize - $3,000 Cruise Express Voucher – Chris Futcher-Coles (Jaguar Drivers Club) – Ticket No.2180

2ndPrize – Autographed Set of Spanners – Lynelle Titcume (Classic Car Club Illawarra) – Ticket No.1300

3rdPrize – Code Product Pack – Pasquale Raccosta (Mustang Owners) – Ticket No.1476

4thPrize – Code Product Pack – Gabrielle Lawrow (Regals Mopar) – Ticket No.297

5thPrize – Code Product Pack – Mark Watton (Antique & Classic) – Ticket No.1759

6thPrize – Code Product Pack – Lester Gough (Thoroughbred/Aston Martin) – Ticket No. 1109

7thPrize – Code Product Pack – Kim Sutherland (Club?) – Ticket No.2304

8thPrize – Code Product Pack – Steve Palocz (Jaguar/Peugeot) – Ticket No.1744

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