The C V V T M C Mobile Event Trophy

Now retired

Awarded at the Annual Display Day 

The names, dates and clubs are as transcribed form old engravings.

Anyone with information, photos or corrections, please contact us.


mobile event






Year Date Location Club Winners
1965 29 Aug Warwick Farm Antique & Classic Motor Club R Corlett, J Adderton, A Pangas
1966 1 May Warwick Farm Vintage Sports Car Club of Aust A Baker, C MacMillan, G Ringnose
1967 7 May Warwick Farm Rover Owners Club K Beal, J Handcock, D Mansfield
1968 N/A Warwick Farm Veteran Car Club of Aust. (NSW) R Marshall, R Baxter, L Jones
1971 19 Sept Warwick Farm Classic & Historic Automobile Club of Aust. Ray Pearson
1974 8 Sept. Warwick Farm Alvis Car Club Chris Higgins
1975 N/A Warwick Farm Riley Motor Club Terry Moran
1976 September N/A Humber Car Club Roger Foote, Ron Palfreyman
1977 September N/A Australian Historic Motor club J Goodshaw, D Gippell
1978 N/A N/A ACMC T Toovey, W Halbert, N Cairncross, B Price
1979 16 Sept Warwick Farm Morris Register of NSW The Moris 10 Team
1980 N/A Canterbury Crysler Restorers Club of Aust. Ian Harris, Steve Cope
1982 N/A Castle Hill Vintage Sports Car Club of Aust N/A
1984 N/A Castle Hill MG Restorers Assoc. Peter Hoffman
1985 N/A Castle Hill Buick Car Club Graham Mcintosh
1986 N/A Castle Hill Anglia Prefect Club Rick Bushell
1988 4 Sept. Castle Hill Studebaker Car Club John Mitchel
1989 3 Sept Castle Hill Morris Register of NSW Julie Craig
1990 N/A Penrith N/A S Greenhalgh
1991 8 Sept. Penrith Anglia Prefect Club Ken Codling