All CMC member Clubs please note ...

It is important that vehicles on HCRS are street legal. They must be legal as far as period options and accessories are concerned.

This applies especially for wheel widths and diameters, track measurements, and suspension heights.

In the case of wheels, for vehicles up to 1973, the rules applicable at the time stated that the track (centre to centre of wheels across the vehicle) can only be increased by one inch (25mm). Wheel diameter can only be increased by one inch (25mm) over the largest factory optional wheel.

From1973 onwards, wheels must be as per the tyre placard fitted to the vehicle by the manufacturer. These rules remain applicable now.

If vehicles do not comply with the requirements of the RTA, Historic

Conditional Registration (HCRS) should be denied or you may jeopardize your Club and other Clubs and all their Members enjoying the privilege of HCRS.