Come and join us in Europe –August – September 2021 –

30 days Coach Tour plus optional 10 days in UK.

VISTING HEAPS!!!!! Europe: Renault, French countryside, Cathedrals, Ferrari Factory & Museum, Modena, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Alfa Romeo Museum, Milan, Venice, Austrian Alps, Salzburg, Eagles Nest, Munich, Lucerne, Switzerland, Glacier Express Train Thru Swiss Alps, Mulhouse, Museum Cite de l Automobile, Stuttgard, Mercedes Benz Museum & Factory, Porsche Museum, Nurburgring (optional tours/rides may be available) Amsterdam, Brussels and the Eurostar Train to London. Just to mention a few!!!!


UK:Beaulieu Autojumble (Swap meet – Huge) Haynes Museum, Portsmouth and 3 days for the Goodwood Revival Festival.


CMC 2021 Europe - Proposed Itinerary

Day 1 – Thursday, 12thAugust 2021– Paris, France (B)

Day 2 – Friday, 13thAugust – Paris, France(B)

Day 3 – Saturday, 14thAugust– Paris, Renault Museum - (B)

Day 4 – Sunday, 15thAugust - Paris to LYON. Burgundy wine-growing region (B)

Museo Nazionale dell ‘Automobile (The National Automobile Museum), 

Day 6 – Tuesday, 17thAugust - Turin to Modena, Maserati Factory (B)

Day 7 – Wednesday, 18thAugust – Modena, Ferrari Factory and Museum, Lamborghini Factory(B)

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello , Fiorano track and along the Viale Enzo Ferrari boulevard in the factory complex. Lamborghini Guided tour of the production lines: and original factory. We will see the assembly of the V12 Aventador 

Day 8 – Thursday, 19thAugust - Modena to Florence (B)

Day 9 – Friday, 20thAugust – Florence (B)

Day 10 – Saturday, 21stAugust – Florence to Rome (B)

Day 11 – Sunday, 22ndAugust – Rome (B)

Day 12 – Monday, 23rdAugust - Rome to Pisa to La Spezia area (B)

Day 13 – Tuesday, 24thAugust –La Spezia area to Milan- The Alfa Romeo Museum (B)

Day 14 – Wednesday, 25thAugust – Milan to Venice (B)

Day 15 – Thursday, 26thAugust - Venice to Salzburg (B)

Day 16 – Friday, 27thAugust – Salzburg Austria 

Day 17 – Saturday, 28thAugust - Salzburg to Munich,Germany.(B, D)

Day 18 – Sunday, 29thAugust – Munich to Lucerne  (B)

Day 19 – Monday, 30thAugust – Lucerne (B)

Day 20 – Tuesday, 31stAugust – Lucerne to Täsch (Zermatt area)  (B)

Day 21 – Wednesday, 1stSeptember – Tasch via Bern to Mulhouse - – 

the Cité de l’Automobile.  (SchlumpfBros collection)(B)

Day 22– Thursday, 2ndSeptember – Mulhouse to Stuttgart – 

Mercedes Benz Museum and Factory.

Day 23 – Friday, 3rdSeptember – Stuttgart - Porsche Museum for a factory tour. (B)

Day 24 – Saturday, 4thSeptember - Stuttgart to Heidelberg to Nurberg(B)

Day 25 – Sunday, 5thSeptember – Nurburg – NurburgRing – 

Visit the NurburgRing motorsports complex for the day. (B)

Day 26 – Monday, 6thSeptember - Nurburg to Cologne to Amsterdam.

Day 27 – Tuesday, 7thSeptember – Amsterdam. (B)

Day 28 – Wednesday, 8thSeptember - Amsterdam to Brussels Belgium. (B)

Day 29 – Thursday, 9thSeptember – BrusselsBelgium. (B)

Day 30 – Friday, 10thSeptember – London England. (B) EUROSTAR TRAIN to London. 

London after the Eurostar and 1 night’s accommodation in London; 

Friday night in London to be confirmed 


CMC 2021 UK Tour - Proposed Itinerary (add on or join us for UK only)

Optional Add On - Goodwood Revival Festival & south Coast. 

Day 1 – Saturday, 11th September - London to Beaulieu spend the night. (B) 

Day 2 – Sunday, 12th September - Beaulieu Swap meet (B) 

Day 3 – Monday, 13th September – BeaulieuCornwall (B) 

Day 4 – Tuesday, 14th September -Cornwall Area (B) 

Day 5 – Wednesday, 15th September – Cornwall Area (B)

Day 6 – Thursday, 16th September –Portsmouth Area

Day 7 – Friday, 17th September - Goodwood Revival Festival (B) 

Day 8 – Saturday, 18th September - Goodwood Revival Festival (B) 

Day 9 – Sunday, 19th September - Goodwood Revival Festival (B) 

Day 10, Monday, 20th September – Your tour ends today after breakfast. A transfer is provided to London Heathrow Airport for your journey back to Australia. (B)


Contact Lynelle – CMC Tour coordinator for detailed Itinerary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Phone 0422 513 256


For information on any CMC tours please contact:

Lynelle Titcume

CMC Tours & Events Coordinator

Phone: 0422 513 256

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