cmc-logo-smallMembership of the Council of Motor Clubs is open to vehicle clubs whose rules require vehicles to be consistent in nature to those which would have been in evidence during the period of manufacture and sale of the nominated vehicles in the club, with a view to maintaining Australia's motor history.

The Committee of the CMC will maintain a process for evaluating the suitability of applicant motoring clubs; the Committee will report to delegates so that they can approach their own clubs to determine how each club will vote on the particular affiliation at the subsequent general meeting of delegates.

The CMC has adopted the following guidelines to determine the suitability of an applying club:

a) The CMC must receive written advice from an applicant club, which outlines the aims and objectives of that club.

b) The Committee of the CMC will satisfy itself that an applicant club has a conscious, inherent and determined link to, and interest in, one or more make of vehicle AND that the Committee of the CMC sees the commitment of an applicant club as embracing the continued operation of, and public interest in, the subject vehicle(s) and that this interest is wholly or largely consistent with the constitutional aims of the CMC.

The Committee of the CMC will also ensure, through attendance and observation at one or more events organised by an applicant club, that the aims and objectives of the applicant club are complimentary to the CMC, i.e.:

a) are known to the committee of the applicant;

b) appear to be supported by the members of the applicant club;

c) are evidenced in the nature of the events calendar of the applicant club; and

d) are evidenced by the standard and presentation of vehicles observed at events of the applicant club which are attended by CMC committee members.

Mechanical modifications should be limited to those, which were in evidence during the period of manufacture, and sale of the vehicle, with the exception of safety related items.  Such modifications need not be limited to those of the maker of the vehicle.

Mixing engine types and sizes and transmission types is not recommended unless this can be shown to be a wide spread practice consistent within the period of manufacture and sale of the vehicle type.

Member clubs are to be encouraged to formulate their own club rules, in order to ensure authenticity and history of the motor vehicle marque/s that their clubs cover.

Club members' vehicles on the Historic Conditional Registration Scheme (HCRS) should meet all current RTA requirements for use of the vehicle on club events.

Notwithstanding the guidelines above, the Committee of the CMC will treat each application for affiliation on its merits and report its findings to the general meeting of delegates for consideration and subsequent voting processes.

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