Next General Meeting, 7:30pm Tuesday 25th September 2018

Arena Sports Club, 140 Rookwood Road, Yagoona




The Council was originally named "The Council of Veteran, Vintage and Thoroughbred Motor Clubs". Being a somewhat unwieldy name, many enthusiasts referred to it as "Fred", less of a mouthful. In recent years, the Council became an incorporated body and was re-named as "The Council of Motor Clubs, Inc.".

The CMC is also affiliated with the Australian Historic Motoring Federation, a national organisation uniting similarly orientated councils from around Australia.

The role of the CMC is a representative one – it represents affiliated clubs and their members with authorities such as the RTA with reference to Conditional Historic Registration, the Federal Government on matters such as leaded fuel and its continued availability, and such like. At no time is the Council a "controlling" body; it may issue guidelines or advice on an issue when requested, but it will never tell an affiliated club what to do.

A new video about the role of the Australian Border Force (ABF) in stopping asbestos at the border, particularly asbestos found in imported second hand vehicles and building materials, has been published on the Department’s website.

This financial year, imported second hand vehicles continue to dominate asbestos detections, with more than 60 cars and motorbikes found to have asbestos-containing parts. There have also been four detections of asbestos in building materials to date. These incidents highlight the continuing need for people who are importing cars and motor bikes from overseas, particularly vintage cars, show cars, motor scooters, ATV's (quad bikes) and replacement vehicle parts, to ensure they do not contain asbestos. Importers, including brokers acting on behalf of their clients, are required to assess the goods and understand their obligations in declaring the possibility of asbestos, including providing assurances to prove the absence of asbestos when required. Importers must understand what constitutes an acceptable form of assurance that goods do not contain asbestos. Importers should also be aware of the varying definitions and standards applied to asbestos content outside of Australia - asbestos tolerance levels in products from other countries will, in most cases, not meet Australia’s import prohibition for asbestos.

An importer may choose to have the vehicle sampled and tested for asbestos while overseas, which can save time and money. Before undertaking asbestos testing through an overseas laboratory, importers should check whether the overseas laboratory is recognised by Australian authorities. 

Documentary evidence which demonstrates the absence of asbestos, when at-risk parts are replaced, is becoming easier as manufacturers publish material data for these goods on the internet. Parts or components that are replaced or removed need to be evidenced through work records retained by the importer - supplying statements from mechanics or repairers that ‘asbestos containing parts have been removed or replaced’ are insufficient without documentary evidence detailing the exact work undertaken. To watch the video and for information on how to meet the requirements for the control of asbestos at the border, see the Asbestos web page





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  • Model A Ford – 90 years
  • Rolls Royce Wraith – 80 years
  • Jaguar XK120 – 70 years
  • Jaguar MkV - 70 Years
  • Morris Minor – 70 years
  • Jowett – 70 years
  • Peugeot 203 – 70 years
  • Morgan Car Club – 60 years
  • Austin Healey Sprite (Bug Eyed) – 60 years
  • Austin A40 Farina – 60 years
  • FC Holden – 60 years
  • Morgan Plus 8 – 50 years
  • Jaguar XJ – 50 years
  • Holden Monaro – 50 years
  • Datsun 1600 – 50 years
  • Isuzu Car Club of Australia – 50 years
  • Peugeot 504 – 50 years
  • Rolls Royce Phantom VI – 50 years
  • FX-FJ Car Club of Australia Sydney Chapter – 40 years
  • SAAB 99 Turbo – released 40 years ago (won’t be on pit lane)
  • Morris Minor Car Club of NSW – 40 years
  • Sydney Datsun Club – 25 years
  • Rolls Royce Silver Seraph – 20 years


Send us your Flyers and posters for inclusion here. (click on any image)

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National Motoring Heritage Day

A tribute to Australia's Motoring Heritage

Sunday 20th May 2018

Venues for 2018:

Berry Showground, Berry

2018 nmhd berry 000001

Michael Lipscombe 0425 223 590

Click on image for full size poster.

Hosted by Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club.

For all the details, prices and showground entry etc. click here >>>

Registration Page click Here >>>



Museum of Fire, Penrith.  Contact the Museum on (02) 4731 3000.

Click on image for full size poster.     2018 nmhd fire 000001

1 Museum Drive Penrith.

Museum WEB site page click here>>>





Fagan Park. 38-48 Arcadia Road, Galston.  

Click on image for full size document of the Park with a map.hsc00727 fagan park brochure dl fa3ncnb 000001

Fagan Park WEB site click here>>>

Park entry $5 per car. Enter main carpark, and proceede direct to Overflow Carpark.

Follow the CMC Banners at the Arcadia Road Entrance, then at the entrance to the Overflow Carpark and the specific area within the Overflow

Note: Overflow Carpark is to the north of the main carpark.

Buildings will be open for inspection and other activities.

Contact Tony and Kay De Luca


Toukley:  Village Green

Please Note:- as of 28-March space is limited.

We need numbers of your club members intending to participate in the National Heritage Day event at Toukley.

Please advise of your club's participants asap please. 

Michael Mullins
assistant secretary.

2018 nmhd toukley

 Click on image for full size poster. 

 Hosted by The Central Coast Historic Car Club with Greater Toukley Vision

 Contact Ian Bull 0407 437 590.





East Kurrajong

Hobby and Motor Show

kurrajongClick on image for full size poster.

19th & 20th May

East Kurrajong School of Arts

Contact 02 4576 5031 or 02 4576 3335




Campbelltown Steam & Machinery Museum, Mengangle.

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Click on image for full size poster.

The Museum (CSMM)  invite your club to our open weekend on 19 & 20 May 2018 on either day or both days.

There are plenty of things to see and do over the weekend and food is available to purchase or you can use our free BBQ facilities. 

 Email csmm.info@gmail.com

Phone 0417 215 513

 To assist with parking please contact us and book in the approximate number of cars attending with an indication of which day you will attend. 

Entry is free but a gold coin donation would be gratefully appreciated to help with site maintenance.  


Other Venues


Motorlife Museum, Kembla Grange


Wentworth Falls Lake


Sydney Harbour National Park, Georges Hights